This Is the Diary of A Girl

Moment of Disbelief

Thursday, Mar. 06, 2008 @ 11:05

I walked to the mall downtown. It was nice out, but having to jump over assorted puddles became dangerous because there was still a lot of ice. Then I watch the news when I get home. There is a middle eastern guygoing around and kidnapping young girls downtown. There was some middle eastern guys who pulled up beside me and asked me if I spoke french. I shook my head and gave them the finger.

I want to go back to the mall the buy this husky in a basket decor. I did nothing there accept look at over priced shoes and droppe by the Bay for a bra and slippers. Thanks to my SPC card I got 10 percent off.

I did my taxes and got $284 back right away. This Russian lady was trying to do my taxes but she didn't seem to understand anything. The university stuff was throwing her off. Then they randomly gave me an SPC card. Somehow $101 was taken off of my bank account and its fustrating me because my statement doesnt say anything else about it. After my tuition goes through, I'll take everything else out so that it doesnt happen again. Can't trust the banks now. The fees are rediculous too.

Besides my hating banks, I also hate the weather. Heaven decided to dump a shitload of snow on us. Classes were canselled last night. I was bored and flipping the channels and I came across the most stupidest show in the world. Moment of Truth! Lets make someone rich while destroying their family. I couldn't change the channel. I was frozen in disbelief.

Here's my moment of trhuth. I am never going to watch anything like that again.


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