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Sunday, Mar. 02, 2008 @ 19:20

With a beautiful black and white cat purring in my lap I log onto this website and bam! I thought I went to the wrong place. Randonly clicking on people who have recently updated is fun, and go ahead and stalk whoever you see online. This will take a little getting used to.

My mouth is no long in super-duper pain. I skipped english once again because of it. I got 80 percent for that paper on Canada's Foreign Policy; the one where I typed a bunch of pishposh. I was reading some other marks (of course they are listed under our numbers) and one of them was 10 percent. I really want to know what that paper said.

Without realizing it (or really caring) I wrote on Feb. 29. It's cool because that only gets to happen every four years.

Anyways, my whole point in updating wasn't about that. Last night I hung out with Piano Guy and the crowd. They were all mad I was carrying a Tim Horton's coffee and didn't bring them any. I don't even know what they take in their coffees. We ordered pizza. The hosts were giving outold cameras and laptops. I didn't get anything because of the coffee thing but I wouldn't have accepted anything anyways. We watched video off of Piano Guy's videocam. He had a fire alarm in his building. A whole unit burned down and I can't figure out why I never heard about it on the news. Probably because I watch mainly Toronto news, but I still should have heard about that fire.

He also recorded his neighbour singing which was agonizing to hear. The videos nonetheless were good quality and quite entertaining.

This morning my Mom did some more driving around for people. We have been drinking so much coffee from Tim's. She won a coffee and I won a coffee also. I think we could be doing better. Off to get more coffee.

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